24 SepIsland of Brac

It was my second visit to Brac, one of the most picturesque places I have visited, from the balcony of our apartment, I could see the beautiful mountains of Split across the water, all the white buildings with the terracotta roofs (they’re my favourite) and for whatever reason I feel very happy. Not just for the fact that I am on holiday, but possibly because I am a Mediterranean girl at heart, as much as I love the cities with skyscrapers and the business of it all, I love the calm and serenity that the Island of Brac has to offer.


KatinkaBille via photopin cc

It is similar to Hvar, without the reputation of the ‘new Ibiza’. The small town, which surrounds the harbour, where there are numerous restaurants offering pasta and pizza dishes as well as meat and fish specialities. Palm trees line the streets and the seaside and it seems like the sun is always shining.

Water sports and trips around the island can be offered from numerous kiosks and a day trip to the other side of the island to a place called ‘Bol’ is a must, as it hosts a world famous beach – Zlatini Beach, or Rat beach – a triangular piece of land sticking out from the rest of the island, surrounded by sand either side, making it very popular for tourists and locals alike.

19 SepBoat Trips

The reference in the previous blog to sardine cans shuttling people through the sea to take us to Hvar Island, was a traumatic experience. That’s the only way in which I can think to describe it appropriately, from the purchasing of the ticket to the boarding of the boat.

It turned out there wasn’t a boat until 3 hours after we arrived at the harbour, which was okay because we could fill that time with a little exploring, the purchase of a new handbag (ridiculously cheap at the market in Split, which might I add is open every day) and a couple of beers looking out at the sea and mountains surrounding the area.

Boat Excursions

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The trauma evolved when boarding the boat – my boyfriend suggests that Britons are accustomed to queuing – quite unlike everyone else that was boarding the boat with us that day. So, whilst everyone tried to squeeze onto the gang plank all at once rather than form a single file line to board quickly and nicer, there were rumours that not everyone would fit on to the boat that trip. This all made the pushing and shoving increase ten-fold, then add to the fact that it was almost 40 degrees outside, made for an unpleasant experience.

The journey was made all the more worse by a group of girls siting behind me, one with possibly the loudest voice I have ever heard, and what started as a nice massage from my chair turned into little digs into my back when she moved her feet around. Now, this is what I love about iPod’s they are the best thing to block out unwanted sound, playing the tunes you love on a shuffle, nano, classic (my personal choice) even an iPhone or iPad is a perfect choice and they can even be used to block out crying babies on aeroplanes, rowdy drunks on trains or hyperactive girls on a boat. That is my little nugget of advice this time, I’m all up for earplugs in hostels, but they are just no good in the middle of a screaming match on a boat compared to the use of your own music device. However, there’s no need to be that a$$hole who listens to their device full blast so you can make out every lyric to the song, that’s just not cool!

16 SepHvar

After travelling since 3am I have to say I was a very happy bunny when I arrived to the beautiful island of Hvar, pronounced ‘Evar’ by the locals. The harbour/little town was streaming with tourists, from Americans to Australians, British to French all looking for a place to eat, drink and be merry.

Stepping off the sardine can, packed to the brim of other like-minded tourists, we were greeted by numerous people offering different types of accommodation, which is always the way when you arrive anywhere in Croatia.

Making our way to the tourist information we found out the best possible way of getting to our hotel, which when we arrived we found out was great, simply for the fact it had air conditioning.

Little Cobbled Sreets

Orcinus O. via photopin cc

I have to say Hvar is truly beautiful; the main town is very busy and quite possibly over populated with tourists, there are countless beautiful hotels and apartments along the coast offering a sea view with the other islands popping up over the horizon. There is an old Fort that takes a 10 minute hike up a trail to visit, giving a glorious view of the old town and the surrounding area, which is even better at sunset. After dinner, is when the party starts and the young Americans, Australians and myself can dance in and out of many clubs and bars along the coast and in the little back streets. I would have to say that Hvar is more like a baby Ibiza, it is still a quaint little place, which is not such a bad thing.

As Hvar is off the coast of Croatia, the crime that has affected most of the other places has not reached the islands and they are truly gorgeous, with the crystal clear waters, charming little pebble beaches and cocktails to die for.


12 SepHow to Beat the Holiday Blues

Holiday blues, they tend to begin the moment you step into the airport for your return journey home. Travelling as we know can be a stressful experience, what with queues, check-in, queues, security, queues, boarding the plane and dare I say it, even more queues. Made worse by the fact that returning home means less of the nice weather, the relaxing times, people tidying up after you all day rather than it being the other way round.

How to beat the holiday blues

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Now, home is where the heart is and there’s a feeling like no other when we walk into our familiar surroundings. However, I walk into the airport and I look at the destinations board and I could happily choose any other rather than where my pre-printed boarding pass states. The fun and the experiences to be had when seeing something new, from the architecture of a city to the mountain ranges and national parks of other places.

The only thing that could beats my holiday blues is to have another destination in mind, get home and start planning that trip, which is what I will be doing in two minutes time ;)

31 AugLuggage Scales

So, I made it through the airport without too much hassle. I was 5kilos overweight in my luggage, which meant taking out about 5 jumpers and wearing them through security, so all in all not too bad. I keep with me a duty free bag that I know can fit a jumper or two inside them, when I’ve bought my bottle of water – with a complimentary newspaper, I slide that in on top and no one knows the difference, or the truth I should say.

Airport Luggage Scales

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However, to avoid all the hassle, in the near future I shall be buying myself some luggage scales, which would enable me to check how much my bag weighs before I drive to the airport and have to open my suitcases in front of everyone. The price for the scales starts £2.99 to £12.99, the higher the price the more accurate they tend to be and it will save embarrassment at the airport when the suitcase weighs one single tiny little kilo over your allowance. As that one, probably insignificant kilo will cost you £15.